Design and production of rigid boxes and paper packaging

We are manufacturers of boxes in Klaipėda, but we work throughout Lithuania and Europe. Our main products are the highest quality gift boxes, book, document or archiving cases, branded binders, beads for hotels and other non-standard packaging production, which we produce for both large and small Lithuanian and European businesses.

We offer individual and sustainable packaging solutions from paper, book cardboard or corrugated.

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Two-piece boxes

Mostly used as gift boxes.

Three-piece boxes

Boxes with a visible gap are an elegant way to show color contrast

Boxes with magnets

Magnetic closure boxes are simple, luxurious and elegant!

Boxes with tape/ribbon

The closing strip performs not only an aesthetic, but also a safe closing function.

Boxes with inserts

A component of a packaging solution when fragile products such as bottles, dishes, candles, etc. need to be safely placed.

with containers

In some cases, this may be the most cost-effective option. Or combined with other types of boxes. 
You probably have no idea what boxes and packaging solutions are available?

We make rigid boxes for your business

Premium packaging manufacturer.
We produce a wide range of non-standard boxes.

We are constantly striving for innovative solutions in box design and construction. From simple lids to a magnetic box or a luxury box or an advent calendar - we can produce exceptional packaging that meets your needs. Our premium boxes are designed for luxury packaging of beauty, skin care, fashion, jewelry and accessories. We also offer uniquely designed gift set boxes, drink boxes, strong packaging for business gifts and more, taking into account your individual preferences.
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Are you wondering how you can increase the prestige of your company? 

Paper products

Beads, hooks

Our technology allows us to produce a wide variety of bead shapes, even for small order quantities.

Advent calendars

Blank and event calendars to promote your sales. Add samples, small items, sell to customers or give as gifts to business partners. 

Cardboard boxes

This type of box is delivered flattened to take up less storage space and the customer can assemble it himself.

Do you need a small quantity?
- no problem

Our company is flexible and can produce both large and very small quantities because we use advanced production technology without cutting molds.
Top quality Premium class boxes for business, gifts, starter kits. We produce premium or eco boxes according to the wishes of each customer. Unique design, high quality materials will give your product, brand or gift added value and a lasting impression.