Which package should I choose?

Two-piece boxes

The two-piece box is our most popular product because of its price and simplicity. They are mostly used as gift boxes. We produce boxes of various sizes, printing and finishing options. We use 1.5, 2, 3 mm to produce boxes with individual printing. book cardboard covered with printed paper, decorative paper or textile. Boxes from 10 units are made manually or semi-manually. Adding creative designs and endless finishes. printing possibilities, a simple two-part box can turn into a very solid package that gives your item, product or gift additional value.

Do you need a small quantity?
- no problem

Our company is flexible and can produce both large and very small quantities because we use advanced production technology without cutting molds.
Top quality Premium class boxes for business, gifts, starter kits. We produce premium or eco boxes according to the wishes of each customer. Unique design, high quality materials will give your product, brand or gift added value and a lasting impression.