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Karuliai, kabokšliai viešbučiams ir restoranų verslui

Pendants/Beads are special products intended for information or promotion. You've seen door hangers in hotels and airports informing you of occupied rooms. Meanwhile, the beads are fixed in stores on the product shelves or the products themselves. They are used to announce promotions, special offers and draw attention to new products.

These press products are widely used in the introduction of new products in the market, when it is necessary to introduce the new product to the consumers. As a way of promoting sales, promotional beads are perfect for promotions. Various shapes are available: round, triangular or rectangular and other shapes. If you need beads/hooks in exceptional sizes or designs, please contact us
Since we do not use cutting molds during production, we can produce from 50 units. 

Do you need a small quantity?
- no problem

Our company is flexible and can produce both large and very small quantities because we use advanced production technology without cutting molds.
Top quality Premium class boxes for business, gifts, starter kits. We produce premium or eco boxes according to the wishes of each customer. Unique design, high quality materials will give your product, brand or gift added value and a lasting impression.